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Starting a Bridal

- you need to read this first!

Very few Bridal boutiques are opened by someone who has been in the trade or on the shop floor of a bridal establishment, neither are they fully aware of how much work is involved. 

This will leave the uninitiated to flounder around, knowing that they want the bridal dream but unsure as to go about getting it.

Where to purchase from, staff training, seamstresses, fitting wedding gowns, sizes...well would you know where to begin?

This book is all about where to start, I will talk you through the need to know about wedding dresses and - the secretive world of the Bridal Industry.

Now available to buy on Amazon Kindle! 

THE book the Bridal Industry will not want you to read!

 Out in January 2018

Bridal Alteration Techniques

The Essential Sewing Guide for Perfect Bridal Alterations

The sewing guide dressmakers have been waiting for!

Paperback edition available only through 
www.bridalalterationtechniques.co.uk priced £16.99